Ep. 94 Listeners’ Tales Pt. 9 | Foot Fetish Ghosts, Haunted Winery, That Wasnt my mother ! & Haunted L.A. Hotel film set

Hey, all you hollyweirdos!  We are back from our little hiatus and ready to begin this new season of Hollyweird Paranormal Podcast with a delicious Listeners’ Tales episode.  TRUST US!  The tales that we collected are sure to make you not only sleep within a circle of salt but, also with a nice pair of […]

Ep. 92 L.A.’s Most Haunted Music Studios

Let’s travel around L.A. and visit some of the most famous music studios that may have some rock ‘n’ ghouls.  Let’s head over to The Alley Studios in North Hollywood where some of the most influential music artists have recorded memorable hits!  But, is it possible that they may have been in the presence of […]

Ep. 90 Visiting Marilyn Monroe & Natalie Wood’s Grave with Paranormal Investigator, Patrick Langdon

Join us on today’s episode as we travel to one of L.A.’s most famous cemeteries, The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery located in Westwood off of Wilshire Blvd. The cemetery was established as Sunset Cemetery in 1905 but had been used for burials since the 1880s. In 1926 the name was officially changed to Westwood Memorial […]

Ep. 89 Music and Ghosts Minisode! Getting Hollyweird with Mark Mallman

Let’s get Hollyweird with our friend, Mark Mallman!  Mark is a Minnesota-based musician, film composer, and memoirist. Since 1998, he has released eight full-length studio albums and in 2019 he released his first book, The Happiness Playlist, which promotes mental health advocacy through the arts. During Mark’s recent visit to L.A., Tammie was able to […]

Ep. 88 The Winchester Revisited with special guest, writer & haunted historian, Christiane Franke

We love a good gothic ghost story!  There’s one that comes to mind that manifested here in the state of California, The Legend of Sarah Winchester and the ghosts that built the Winchester mansion.  According to legend, Sarah had an around-the-clock crew of craftsmen who were hired to construct her house that was designed by […]

Ep. 87 Haunted Walking Tour of Miracle Mile, Wilshire Blvd. |L.A.

Miracle Mile!  According to the LA Times, “As wealth and newcomers poured into the fast-growing city, Ross’s parcel became one of Los Angeles’s most desirable areas. Acclaimed as “America’s Champs-Élysées,” this stretch of Wilshire near the La Brea Tar Pits was named “Miracle Mile” for its improbable rise to prominence. ”  Join us as we take you […]

Ep. 86 The Legends & Ghosts of L.A.’s Original Spanish Kitchen w/ Special Guest, Richie Dueñez

For decades, the Original Spanish Kitchen served meals to Hollywood customers like Bob Hope, Linda Darnell, Mary Pickford, and John Barrymore. Opened in 1932 it was a sister restaurant to one downtown, owned by Johnny and Pearl Caretto. Their enchiladas were the talk of the town, attracting show-business personalities as regulars.  Silverscreen legend, Mary Pickford, […]

Ep. 83 Getting Hollyweird Not So Confidential with LA Not So Confidential | The Barclay Hotel

Join the banter with our podern friends LA Not So Confidential in our round table discussion of The crimes and paranormal aftermath of The Barclay Hotel.  What makes this hotel one of LA’s most violent and haunted hotels?  Could it be the many freak accidents, deaths, and serial killers attached to the hotel? Is there […]