Ep.127 Getting Hollyweird with Jonathan Perez of Latinos Against Spooky Shit

Grab your Vicks! ┬áLet’s dive into the strange world of los Espookies with the one and only Jonathan Perez, the mastermind behind Latinos Against Spooky. In this absolutely fabulous conversation, we’ll chuck all notions of normalcy out the window as we embark on a journey filled with supernatural mishaps, uproarious humor, and a healthy dose […]

Ep. 126 Return of the Listeners Tales | Haunted Labs, Abnormal Vancouver & Was that an Evil Ewok?

Today’s episode of our Listeners Tales series is absolutely thrilling! Our amazing listeners have submitted their paranormal experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. From ghostly encounters in a Lab to inexplicable supernatural phenomena in Vancouver, Canada, we have a captivating mix that will send shivers down your spine. The passion […]

Ep. 125 Return to the Queen Mary Pt.2 | Investigation with Becca Knight of the Grey Ghost Project

We went on a ghost investigation aboard the iconic Queen Mary with none other than the renowned Grey Ghost Project, and it was quite astonishing. Using the Estes method, which involves blindfolding one member and equipping them with noise-canceling headphones while another member reads out questions from paranormal enthusiasts, we delved into the eerie depths […]