Ep. 113 Listeners’s Tales Pt. 10 Haunted San Diego, family members, dorms and trolley rides

We are excited to share the spine-tingling ghost stories from our listeners who have written in about their unexplainable paranormal experiences. These firsthand accounts range from eerie sightings and unnerving whispers to full-blown poltergeist activity and an encounter with shadow people. Let’s gather around this threshold as we read about a haunted dormitory, another one […]

Ep. 111 Macabre Mansions & Haunted History Live Show with L.A. Not So Confidential & L.A. Meekly | The Greystone Mansion

Hey, all you Hollyweirdos! Here is the live recording of our May 20th live show, Macabre Mansions and Haunted History with LA Not So Confidential and LA Meekly live from The Heritage Square Museum.  Thank you to all who attended and showed their support! Be sure to check out and follow our southern friends, Bryanne […]