Ep. 80 Getting Hollyweird with Parapsychologist & Investigator, Elliot Van Dusen

On today’s episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we get Hollyweird in Halifax, Nova Scotia with parapsychologist & Investigator, Elliot Van Dusen. Elliott Van Dusen has been obsessed with the paranormal since childhood. He is currently the Director of  Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation, an organization dedicated to the collection, analysis, and distribution of all supernatural events in Canada. After 15 […]

Ep. 76 Pt. 2 Return to the LAPD Museum Investigation | 24th Anniversary 1997 North Hollywood Shoot Out

We return for another investigation at the Los Angeles Police Museum on the 24th anniversary of the 1997 North Hollywood Shootout.  Tune in to hear personal accounts of North Hollywood residents who remember that fateful day on February 28, 1997.   Tune into hearing what EVPs we’ve picked along with the chilling messages that came through […]

Ep. 75 Getting Hollyweird with the LAPD Police Museum | Paranormal Investigation & Interview

On today’s Episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we travel for an investigation with the duo from the Booz N Bros podcast at the Los Angeles Police Museum located in the neighborhood of Highland Park. We’ve contacted the museum after hearing stories and other claims of possible hauntings.  Many believe that the unexplainable activity can be connected […]

Ep. 73 Getting Hollyweird in Savannah with Enocha Edenfield | Haunted Hollywood of the South

In today’s episode Hollyweird Paranormal goes to one of the Hollywoods of the South, Savannah Georgia with our Savannah Haunted tour guide, Enocha Edenfield. Enocha Edenfield  Enocha Edenfield hales originally from the Florida Panhandle. As she was moving to Savannah in 2010, she learned that it’s one of the most haunted cities in America. In […]