Ep. 126 Return of the Listeners Tales | Haunted Labs, Abnormal Vancouver & Was that an Evil Ewok?

Today’s episode of our Listeners Tales series is absolutely thrilling! Our amazing listeners have submitted their paranormal experiences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. From ghostly encounters in a Lab to inexplicable supernatural phenomena in Vancouver, Canada, we have a captivating mix that will send shivers down your spine. The passion […]

Ep. 125 Return to the Queen Mary Pt.2 | Investigation with Becca Knight of the Grey Ghost Project

We went on a ghost investigation aboard the iconic Queen Mary with none other than the renowned Grey Ghost Project, and it was quite astonishing. Using the Estes method, which involves blindfolding one member and equipping them with noise-canceling headphones while another member reads out questions from paranormal enthusiasts, we delved into the eerie depths […]

Ep. 123 Return to the Queen Mary| Interview & Investigation with Becca Knight of the Grey Ghost Project Pt. 1

Just when you thought life couldn’t be any more thrilling, along comes an interview with the head investigator of the Haunted Queen Mary episode, Becca Knight. Known for her fearless exploration of the paranormal, Becca is a force to be reckoned with as she fearlessly leads the infamous grey ghost project. With her sharp wit […]

EP. 122 Hollyweird Holiday Ghost Stories | Ghost Story solves 200 yr old crime & The Case of Gloria Ramirez

Hey, all you Hollyweirdos!!!!   Let’s summon the holiday spirit with the art and tradition of sharing ghost stories this yuletide season.  In today’s episode, we explore ghost stories that helped solve crimes from beyond the grave but we also take a deeper dive into the art of storytelling.  Storytelling can enthrall and enlighten us […]

Ep. 122 Pt. 2 Ghosts of the Queen Mary & Stanley Hotel with Aiden Sinclair | 57 Ghosts

In part 2 of our fascinating interview with renowned paranormal investigator, Aiden Sinclair, we delve deeper into the chilling tales surrounding the ghosts of the Queen Mary and Stanley Hotel. Sinclair, known for his ability to connect with the spirits of the departed, shares his most spine-tingling encounters at these iconic haunted locations.   With […]

Ep. 121 Ghosts of the Queen Mary & Stanley Hotel with Aiden Sinclair Pt. 1

Let’s dive into the supernatural world with magician and apparitionist extraordinaire, Aidan Sinclair. With his incredible show, 57 Ghosts, A Theatrical paranormal experience featuring the legends of hauntings aboard the Queen Mary. Sinclair takes us on a bone-chilling journey through two notoriously haunted locations. The Queen Mary, a historical ocean liner turned hotel in Long […]