On todays episode I sit down with our one and only, Brice Mitchell Williams.  Many of you may not no this but our Brice has been working diligently for quite some time a of show based on their life and self discovery, Grace.  During our interview we talk about what inspired Brice to write a show about his life and he shares some deep insights about the struggles of navigating spirituality while dealing with a parent behind bars. From feeling abandoned by their father figure to grappling with conflicting beliefs instilled by their incarcerated parent, Brice shed light on how this unique upbringing shaped their worldview. Despite the challenges, Brice’s sense of humor and resilience shone through during our conversation, making for an enlightening and surprisingly witty interview. It’s clear that Brice has found strength in vulnerability and is determined to break free from the chains of their past experiences while forging a path towards healing and self-discovery.