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Ep. 122 Pt. 2 Ghosts of the Queen Mary & Stanley Hotel with Aiden Sinclair | 57 Ghosts

In part 2 of our fascinating interview with renowned paranormal investigator, Aiden Sinclair, we delve deeper into the chilling tales surrounding the ghosts of the Queen Mary and Stanley Hotel. Sinclair, known for his ability to connect with the spirits of the departed, shares his most spine-tingling encounters at these iconic haunted locations.   With […]

Ep. 121 Ghosts of the Queen Mary & Stanley Hotel with Aiden Sinclair Pt. 1

Let’s dive into the supernatural world with magician and apparitionist extraordinaire, Aidan Sinclair. With his incredible show, 57 Ghosts, A Theatrical paranormal experience featuring the legends of hauntings aboard the Queen Mary. Sinclair takes us on a bone-chilling journey through two notoriously haunted locations. The Queen Mary, a historical ocean liner turned hotel in Long […]

Ep. 118 La Golondrina with Spooky Foodie | The fight to save Olvera Street and its ghosts

On today’s episode, we sit down with our friend Ansley of Spooky Foodie as we delve into saving one of L.A.’s historical and haunted restaurants.  Sit down with us as we unravel the intricacies surrounding this haunted establishment, where paranormal encounters coexist with rich history. This isn’t your typical ghost story; it’s a battle to […]

Ep. 115 PT2. Getting Hollyweird in Louisville, KY | The Haunted Caulfield’s Novelty & Costumes

Are you ready to delve into the eerie world of Louisville, KY? Get ready to let loose and embrace the unknown as we gather around Caulfields, a renowned historical haunt for gag gifts, theatrical make-up, and spine-chilling ghost stories. Let’s listen to the staff, who have firsthand encounters with the ghosts of Caulfields Novelty and […]

Ep. 113 Listeners’s Tales Pt. 10 Haunted San Diego, family members, dorms and trolley rides

We are excited to share the spine-tingling ghost stories from our listeners who have written in about their unexplainable paranormal experiences. These firsthand accounts range from eerie sightings and unnerving whispers to full-blown poltergeist activity and an encounter with shadow people. Let’s gather around this threshold as we read about a haunted dormitory, another one […]