Ep. 51 Listeners’ Tales Part 5

Listen to these creepy tales sent in from our listeners  Tune in to learn about a haunted house with shadow people in North Hollywood, ghost dogs, a haunted Inn in Vicksburg,MS complemented with a creepy EVP and is our Liberace episode haunted?  Was one of listeners haunted by a goat boy? Find out!

Ep. 49 Hollyweird Christmas | 5 Best Christmas Ghost Stories| Andres Pico Adobe Museum History & Ghosts with Maria Wessenauer

Hollyweird Paranormal celebrates Christmas by sharing the 5 most terrifying tales of Christmas!  Tune in to find out what they are!  Learn who was the H.B.I.C Victorian ghost story writer, J.H. Riddell Check out our interview with Maria Wessenaur of Hollywood Exhumed inside one of L.A.’s oldest adobes, The Andres Pico Adobe Museum. We talk […]

EP. 48 Interview with Ghost Loop’s Matt Lytle | Paranormal Investigation and Trvl Channel’s New Show Ghost Loop

Hey all you Hollyweirdos!  Join us on today’s episode as we have a sit down with Paranormal Investigator and star of Trvl Channel’s new series, Ghost Loop, Matt Lytle. When paranormal entities terrorize the living through endless and repetitive supernatural cycles, manifesting again and again in the same location, it is known as a “ghost […]

EP. 47 Interview with Zachariah the Witch & Valentine Valmoria | Witchcraft, Spirits & Seance

Join us friends as we cross this threshold with these two witches, Zachariah the Witch ( head of the Black Hat Society of Southern California, Los Angeles) and his assistant, Valentine Valmoria.   Lets sit down with them and learn more about witchcraft, spirits, death, and seance.  Learn more about the tools and knowledge you’ll need […]