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Ep. 42 The Nxivm Cult | Hollywood Sex Cults

Hollywood has not only seen its fair share of cults but this crazy city has definitely seen and hosted a few scandalous and horrific sex cults since the late 60s.

A surprising number of sex cults have been founded in the U.S., thanks to our 1st Amendment, and the late 1960’s may have been the most perfect time for their gurus. This may have had something to with the “free love” and “peace” ethos of the time.

Almost all leaders are male, none are classically attractive, but all exercise a stronghold over their followers.  Take for example The Source, The Purple People and Children of God.  Now, it seems like Nxivm has made its way into being one of the most scandalous sex cults of the 21st century with shocking statements and claims of sex trafficking, sex slaves, branding, racketeering, and brainwashing.   Not to mention, the amount of Hollywood celebrities, directors and heiresses that were involved and apart of this scandalous cult.

Tune in as we discuss the history of sex cults in California and the sex cult that shook Hollywood, Nxivm.


EP. 12 Marilyn Monroe, PT. 2 The True Crime & Paranormal Aftermath of Hollywood’s Lady of Sorrow

The finale of our Season 1 and PT.2 series of The True Crime and Paranormal aftermath of Marilyn Monroe.

When movie goddess Marilyn Monroe’s naked body was found on her bed at her Hollywood home, it was assumed she had killed herself by consuming an insane amount of barbiturates .  Devastated by tangled affairs with American President John F Kennedy and brother Bobby, the 36-year-old star of The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot was said to have overdosed on sleeping pills.  But so many things didn’t add up that conspiracy theories began immediately.  Who wanted her killed?  The Kennedy Brothers?  The CIA? The Mafia? Paul Lawson with the aide of Eunice Murray & Dr. Greenson?

We also go into her paranormal aftermath.  There are claims that she is still seen and felt at The Roosevelt Hotel, The Cal Neva Hotel & Casino & her Brentwood home.  What about her old flame Bobby Kennedy?  Does he still walk around the area where he was gunned down here in L.A.



EP. 11 Marilyn Monroe PT. 1, The True Crime & Paranormal Aftermath of Hollywood’s Lady of Sorrow

Ideals are dangerous but what if you were the ideal woman? What if you were Marilyn Monroe?

On August 5 1962 Marilyn was found dead in her Brentwood home by her housekeeper.  Even though her death was ruled as a possible suicide; there have been claims that it was a murder. Marilyn died at the age of 36 and the legends, mostly bad, that have sprung up regarding her troubled life may be the reason that this beautiful woman has never been able to find peace in the afterlife this is the life, true crime and paranormal aftermath of Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s lady of sorrow.

PT.1 Focuses on her early life, road to stardom, personal life and affairs.  Stay tuned for PT. 2 where we discuss the days leading up to her death, the day of her death, suspects, conspiracy theories & her paranormal aftermath.







The True Crime and Paranormal Aftermath of The Cecil Hotel Ep.2

Built in 1924, The Cecil Hotel was the best destination for business travelers and tourists to check-in and have a good night’s rest while enjoying the views of downtown LA.  But, the hotel’s reputation and its neighborhood fell into a rapid decline after The Great Depression.

The Hotel has been the site of 16 unnatural deaths and has been a refuge for 2 serial killers, Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker and Jack Unterwenger.  The Cecil, now called The Stay on Main, was brought back into the the media in 2013 with the mysterious death of 21 year Canadian student Elisa Lam.  What dark secrets or energy resides within the walls of The Cecil Hotel?  What happened to Elisa Lam? Stay tuned!

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