Ideals are dangerous but what if you were the ideal woman? What if you were Marilyn Monroe?

On August 5 1962 Marilyn was found dead in her Brentwood home by her housekeeper.  Even though her death was ruled as a possible suicide; there have been claims that it was a murder. Marilyn died at the age of 36 and the legends, mostly bad, that have sprung up regarding her troubled life may be the reason that this beautiful woman has never been able to find peace in the afterlife this is the life, true crime and paranormal aftermath of Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s lady of sorrow.

PT.1 Focuses on her early life, road to stardom, personal life and affairs.  Stay tuned for PT. 2 where we discuss the days leading up to her death, the day of her death, suspects, conspiracy theories & her paranormal aftermath.