There is undeniably a house in Huntington Park, California that carries an eerie presence. Located within its walls lies an ominous presence, which has drawn the attention of investigators and interviewees alike. Our team, made up of Thanya Mercado, psychic medium, and podcaster Tim Roddy, embarked on a quest to explore the depths of this haunted abode, determined to unravel its elusive secrets. With attention to detail, we conducted interviews with those who have lived there and are currently living there. From their bone-chilling accounts, it became clear that the house was indeed a hub for unexplained phenomena; inexplicable shadows roaming the halls, disembodied voices, unsettling messages, and objects mysteriously shifting in place without any form of human intervention. As we delved further into our research, reaching out to past researchers and historians specializing in local legends, we found that these paranormal occurrences were no mere coincidence. Every fiber of our being resonated with conviction as we affirmed that this house truly serves as the epicenter for chilling hauntings in Huntington Park.  The question is, what are who is behind these hauntings?