Grab your Vicks!  Let’s dive into the strange world of los Espookies with the one and only Jonathan Perez, the mastermind behind Latinos Against Spooky. In this absolutely fabulous conversation, we’ll chuck all notions of normalcy out the window as we embark on a journey filled with supernatural mishaps, uproarious humor, and a healthy dose of Latino folklore. No topic is off-limits for Jonathan as he delves into the depths of what makes Bigfoot, El Cucuy, Duendes y los Pitufos so refreshingly weird. Brace yourself for Jonathan’s tales about working with a ghost named Steven and almost getting lost in some haunted woods – yep, you read that right! With his quick wit and infectious enthusiasm, Jonathan is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish. So, grab your crystals, chanclas,  (and maybe a brown Jesus candle), because it’s time to get Hollyweird with latinos against spooky shit!