On today’s episode we share ghost story submissions from out listeners!  Tune in a we talk about haunted halloween decor, being able to connect with the dead, ghost pets and the scars you bare after investigating an abandoned mental hospital with a dark past.  You dont want to miss this episode!


  1. On episode 35 you talked about your TV turning on by itself. I have had experience with our TV changing the station by itself. I asked my husband if it ever happened to him and he said no, you must be just messing with the remote or you’re sitting on it not realizing it or whatever you are watching is over and a new show has started. I told him so many times that I would know if I was doing any of the things he was saying was the answer. The thing that was funny about it was when ever the TV station would change by itself it always went to the same TV station, the Catholic station. I kept telling him that I know that his mother was trying to make contact with him because my mother is also passed was not a Catholic. So it only makes sense that it would be his mother. Then one night we were eating dinner not even near the TV nor the remote control and the TV changed on its own, to the catholic TV station . he could not deny what had just happened. Not touch later with a time I met the person who became my mentor. she helped me open up the abilities/gifts that I have anyway we connected with his mother and I asked her if she was doing that and she said yes and the reason she was using the TV was that was the only way she could get his attention. that was funny because turning off the TV you’re switching his child would be one of the only things that would make him pay attention that something else was going on in the room beside him out the TV. Also I absolutely love your podcast I love both of you. You play off each other so well and you have a very interesting topics. Thank you And please don’t ever stop with the podcasts. Meredith Garcia

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