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EP. 70 Ghosts of the Past at The Cosmopolitan Hotel| Getting Hollyweird with Zachariah the Witch & Witches Brew L.A.

In today’s spooky episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, Tammie heads over to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego to participate in Witches Brew LA’s interactive experience of Ghosts of The Past, written and co-produced by Zachariah the Witch.  Join her as she braves the night in one of the hotel’s most haunted rooms, Room […]

EP. 69 Getting Hollyweird with Haunted TikToker|Nicole Martin| Haunted Paramount & Warner Bros.

Nicole Martin is a haunted Tiktoker (@thedisappointedgoddess) that gives her viewers a haunted tour of L.A. especially Warner Bros and Paramount. Martin used to work on shows produced on both the Warner Bros. and Paramount lots where she has heard and experienced unexplainable occurrences.  Let’s sit down with Martin as she shares the ghostly tales […]

EP. 64 Chasing Ghosts | Podcast Mini-Series| The Haunted Hollywood & Highland Apt.

“For many of us in the paranormal community, we are constantly looking for something that cant be found.  Sometimes, it ends up looking for us, but, no matter what, at the end of the day we always find ourselves chasing ghosts.” Join Tammie Merheb-Chavez in Hollyweird Paranormal’s new podcast mini-series, Chasing Ghosts.  Tammie has been […]