Ep. 102 Haunted History Tour of Paramount Studios & Archives with Paramount Archivist & TikToker Javier of Californiography

Hey, all you Hollyweirdos!  Let’s take a tour with our friend, Paramount Archivist & Tiktoker Javier of Californiography.  Hop on the Paramount’s golf cart with us as we take a studio back lot tour of Paramount Pictures’ back lot and Archives building.  Let’s learn some of the histories, traditions, and ghosts that surround the back […]

Ep. 100 Hollyweird Paranormal 100th Episode Anniversary | Special Guest Patti Negri

1ooth Episode Special!  We can’t believe we made it to 100 episodes!  We needed to celebrate this occasion with our special guest and friend, Hollywood’s witch, Patti Negri! Patti Negri, Psychic-Medium and “Good Witch” is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus’s #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES and the #1 […]

Ep. 99 Haunted Pomona Minisode

Hey, all of you Hollyweirdos!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you have room for a little minisode of Haunted Pomona!  Let’s take a virtual audio tour of several haunts that makes Pomona one of the most haunted cities in California. Love Pop Culture, Horror, and the Paranormal?  Make sure to […]

Ep. 96 Dining with the Ghosts | Special Guest Spooky Foodie, Ansely Layne

On today’s episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we sit down with spooky addict and foodie lover, Ansley Layne AKA Spooky Foodie.  You may have recognized Ansley on social media investigating haunted Los Angeles restaurants and sharing their spooky history.  Join us for a sit-down discussion with Ansley as she shares some of her spooky foodie travels,  […]

Ep. 94 Listeners’ Tales Pt. 9 | Foot Fetish Ghosts, Haunted Winery, That Wasnt my mother ! & Haunted L.A. Hotel film set

Hey, all you hollyweirdos!  We are back from our little hiatus and ready to begin this new season of Hollyweird Paranormal Podcast with a delicious Listeners’ Tales episode.  TRUST US!  The tales that we collected are sure to make you not only sleep within a circle of salt but, also with a nice pair of […]