Just when you thought life couldn’t be any more thrilling, along comes an interview with the head investigator of the Haunted Queen Mary episode, Becca Knight. Known for her fearless exploration of the paranormal, Becca is a force to be reckoned with as she fearlessly leads the infamous grey ghost project. With her sharp wit and uncanny ability to investigate the most active parts of the ship from every nook and cranny of that grand ocean liner, she captivates audiences like none other.

As she delves into chilling encounters and unexplained phenomena aboard the majestic ship, you can’t help but admire her audacity in facing all things spooky head-on. So brace yourself for an eerie journey through time and space, where Becca’s expertise intertwines with haunting tales on board one of history’s most haunted vessels – The Queen Mary. Stay tuned for Pt.2 to hear our investigation with Becca Knight.

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