Let’s dive into the supernatural world with magician and apparitionist extraordinaire, Aidan Sinclair. With his incredible show, 57 Ghosts, A Theatrical paranormal experience featuring the legends of hauntings aboard the Queen Mary. Sinclair takes us on a bone-chilling journey through two notoriously haunted locations. The Queen Mary, a historical ocean liner turned hotel in Long Beach, California, and the infamous Stanley Hotel nestled in the picturesque Colorado Rockies of Estes Park, CO. serve as the haunting backdrops for his mind-boggling illusion experiences. Sinclair seamlessly merges history and magic, creating an eerie atmosphere that will open your mind while keeping you entertained. From communicating with restless spirits to performing jaw-dropping tricks that defy logical explanation, he crafts an experience like no other. It’s a ghostly affair you won’t want to miss!