On today’s episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, we get Hollyweird in Halifax, Nova Scotia with parapsychologist & Investigator, Elliot Van Dusen.

Elliott Van Dusen has been obsessed with the paranormal since childhood. He is currently the Director of  Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation, an organization dedicated to the collection, analysis, and distribution of all supernatural events in Canada. After 15 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 8 of those years spent investigating violent crimes, Van Dusen left to focus his full efforts on investigating paranormal mysteries. He has authored two books: Evil in Exeter based on a true story and field investigation involving the terrifying haunting of a Rhode Island family; and Supernatural Encounters: True Paranormal Accounts from Law Enforcement.

Van Dusen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Saint Mary’s University, a Diploma in Parapsychology from the Stratford Career Institute, and a doctorate in Parapsychology from the American International University. He has completed additional parapsychological studies at the University of Edinburgh’s Koestler Parapsychology Unit, the Rhine Education Center, and is currently completing his Master of Arts Counselling Psychology degree through Yorkville University.

Because of his comprehensive knowledge and experience in the paranormal, he is called upon regularly by the media and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including The Discovery Channel, CTV, Global, Bravo, CBC Radio, and been featured in national and regional newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, The Ottawa Citizen, The Chronicle Herald, and The Daily News.

Elliot’s Upcoming projects:

More Supernatural Encounters from Law Enforcement – New book being released in Fall 2021

The Duelling Parapsychologists Podcast – Co-Hosting with Darryll Walsh

Introduction to Parapsychology – Designing an online course hoping to deploy it September 2021


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