In this crazy yet quarantine episode of Hollyweird Paranormal, Listeners’ Tales PT. 6, we share a few stories from New Orleans and California.  Let’s listen to the tale about the haunted doll from New Orleans, the tales about a haunted family home in Riverside and about the ghost of a grandfather that comes back to let his loved ones know that he is still around.  We have a recorded tale about a few ghostly tales connected to Linda Vista Hospital which is now Hollerbeck Terrace.  Sit down as we interview Tammie’s cousin, Jasmin Carias, as she talks about her haunted home in New Orleans, moving into a haunted apartment in Lake View and her office ghost in her new job in Chicago.

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2 thoughts on “Ep.56 Listeners’ Tales Pt.6 | Quarantine Series

  1. Hi, I love the show. Just heard Episode 56 and I was wondering if the things experienced by the masseuse and chiropractors were not hallucinations but benevolent spirits trying to let them know they had a gas leaks. And perhaps the door shaking and other things stopped once they fixed gas leakS because there was no need to warn them anymore?
    What are your thoughts about that?
    Thank you,
    Angela from London.

    1. Angela! Good call! That could be another possibility considering that the building has a lot of history and I’m sure that whatever is there looks after the property AND its residents 😀

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