The 1918  flu pandemic produced the greatest influenza death total in record history, killing an estimated 675,000 Americans and at least 50 million men, women, and children worldwide.   L.A. was one of the major cities hit by the pandemic with death tolls reaching close to 4,000.  On today’s quarantine episode we talk about the Spanish influenza pandemic that rocked LA 102 years agoThe paranormal aftermath, East L.A. plays host to one of the most haunted and oldest hospitals in the nation, The former Linda Vista hospital.   We talk a little about the history of Linda Vista, the possible entities that linger the hallways of the new apartment complex that rests in its place and if Brice would sleep with an attractive ghost doctor, look he’s single and in quarantine,  so the options are limited.   So grab your face mask, Lysol and hold your 12 pack of toilet paper tight as we talk about The 1918 Influenza in LA and the haunting of the former Linda Vista Community Hospital. 


Linda Vista Hospital

Spanish Influenza 1918, Nurses with infected patients