Behind every spooky horror movie is a notion that the events really did take place. Is that true for the 1982 hit classic film The Poltergeist?

Reportedly, yes. The film was based (loosely) on the events experienced by a 1953 New York family, the Hermanns and their little boy, James.

But the film’s story centers around a little girl, and a  poltergeist who terrorizes  her and her whole family.

it seems that Superstitious legend holds that a number of strange deaths are connected to a ‘curse’ on the ‘Poltergeist’ film series.

was a curse the cause for the deaths that followed the film’s trilogy series?

What strange events occurred on set ?

What followed the cast and crew members home after filming?

We talk about this and much more on Ep. 22 the curse and paranormal aftermath of the film, The Poltergeist!