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EP. 19 The Winchester Mystery House | Sarah Winchester

In 1886 an eccentric woman named Sarah Winchester travelled from New Haven, Connecticut to San Jose , California, to start a new life. She purchased a small eight-room farmhouse and started a small renovation project that would take 36 years and $5.5 million, only stopping when she passed away in 1922.

Legend has it that she was led by spirits  to California to build a home that would appease the spirits of the victims who were killed by the Winchester Rifle.  The only catch, if she continued building, she would live. Stop and she would die.


What clues reside within the home’s walls and windows, Was Sarah Winchester controlled by the spirits of dead to build such a palatial home?  And do those spirits haunt the Winchester mystery house?

EP. 18 The Casting Curse of James Dean, Natalie Woods, Sal Mineo & Nick Adams | Rebel Without A Cause

The Rebel Without A Cause Casting Curse

Hollywood stars may seem larger than life, but of course, they are just as vulnerable to life’s tragedies, including the chance of dying at a young age.  Their celebrity was sometimes brief, sometimes felt for decades. What they had in common was a death that came too soon.


James Dean once said, “dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die today.”

Rebel w/o a cause was a classic film detailing the sordid adventures of a youth struggling with identity and clashing generational attitudes is widely regarded as one of the most significant movies in film history.

One month before the release of Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean,  was killed in a head-on collision while driving his Porsche 550 Spyder, the same vehicle he drove while shooting Rebel.  It was Dean’s premature death that cast a shadow over the film but it was the incredibly emotional and volatile behavior that occurred on set and the horrific death of the lead actor that many have blamed for the curse that followed.









Co-Stars Sal Mineo, Nick Adams and Natalie Wood also suffered horrific and premature deaths, Sal being stabbed to death outside his apartment, Nick Adams’ mysterious suicide and Natalie drowning accidentally after falling off her yacht.

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