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Ep.4 Famous Haunted Hollywood Apartments

Drive around Hollywood neighborhoods and you can see buildings and structures that have been around since the development of the city.   The art deco structure and their unique designs can almost tell stories of the golden era.

Many of these structure were owned by major production companies, MGM, RKO, Warner, Paramount and 20th century Fox.  Their purpose was to house fresh and new actors/actresses during their transition period in Hollywood.    

Within time these structures have seen many deaths, suicides and strange occurrences.  Eventually they were passed down to different owners and were bought by other companies to turn them into public apartments.  However, there is that saying, “if these walls can talk…” in a lot of these dwelling, they literally do. Press your ear against the wall, and you might hear something.  Can it an old famous Hollywood resident that is trying to communicate with you from beyond the grave?  Or could it be something else?  We also talk about  sipping mimosas with Mae West’s ghost, LA rent and one famous Hollywood Hotel/Apartments that was the inspiration of Disney’s Hollywood Tower of Terror Ride.  Brice also shares his first Hollywood party experience on the rooftop of famous apartment building LOL!  Stay tuned!

EP.3 The True Crime & Paranormal Aftermath of Superman, George Reeves

The date is June 16th, 1959 LAPD arrives at 1579 Benedict Canyon to find George Reeves, AKA, Superman with a gunshot wound to the head.  Investigators immediately labeled his death as a suicide, however, many close to Reeves believe that his death was a murder.   Could there have been a Lex Luthor hiding in his bedroom that night? Or could it have been depression that became TV superman’s kryptonite?  What are the strange occurrences causing tenants of his former home to move out immediately?  This is the true crime and paranormal aftermath of Superman, George Reeves.

We discuss George Reeve’s life, dirty Hollywood industry insight, suspects and the paranormal.